My Barre Class Journey

I know that I mentioned before that I am taking Barre classes. I blame Krista entirely for this. Granted, I purchased a few barre dvds off of groupon several years ago, I think when I was pregnant to get some different exercise, especially after breaking my elbow and not running anymore. I had done two of the five dvds at that time, but in reality, after Addie was born, I was back on running, and that was that.

However, back in January Krista started going to Pure Barre very seriously. In a recent conversation with her, she admitted that she goes 5-6 times per week. 5-6 times is a lot. But... I will get to that part.

Anyway, the once when I was in Toledo, I made plans to meet up with her for an early morning run, and she asked if I wanted to join her for barre following our run. She got us registered for the class, and we went. This was early May. Although the class was hard as hell, I was in love. I felt great when it was over, despite the fact that I was exhausted. I had been out until midnight the night before and was up at 5:30 am.

Since that fateful day in Toledo with my running twin, I have realized two things.
1. I love barre workouts. They are hard, they make me feel strong, and I am just legitimately enjoying the workouts.
2. I could do this every single day, and I want to.

Ever since then, I did 2 videos per week. then, I checked out two new studios. I went to Body Alive in Kenwood and Pure Barre in Mason. Obviously, I have already done pure barre in Toledo, but that was with Krista, so I was able to use the "first class for $10" deal. On Tuesday, the trip to Body Alive was kind of random. I decided I felt like going about 20 minutes beforehand, and just registered and headed over there.

My original plan was to do the Pure Barre workout on Friday with Karen. I was going to the 10 am class, which is not super convenient, but at the same time, I wanted to try it again, and I wanted her to try it as well. I mean, YES, it has been a HUGE difference for Krista, and she is in love with it, but I need that experience for me.

I want to clarify that previous statement a little. I want the experience of strength in this manner for myself. I want to find a strength workout that I am consistent about and love doing.

I then, in my quest to find my home, purchased 3 classes for $30 at a local Barre 3. I attended those and then was home in Toledo for 5 days (attending 4 Pure Barre classes). Since then, I have really found my home at Barre 3, I believe. I signed up for their $99 first month special, making it effective for when I got home from Texas and Toledo. I went 6 times that first week, then 4 times the week after. So I am two weeks in to the first month. I plan to head over there at 10 am today. I really think I have found my Barre class home, and I could not be happier.
Wish me luck as I continue to get stronger and keep it up.


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