Friday Five: XXXII

Well for the first time in WEEKS, I am back here for the Friday Five!
1. I am thrilled that I am allowing myself the time today to get a Friday Five post up. It has been a long time, at least, it feels like it. And so I am really glad that I am sitting down right now and trying to write this post and trying to write for two days in a row. That is kind of a big deal, considering how the last few weeks have been going.

2. It is July 1. I am not sure how that has happened already. I am not really on track with too many things - meaning, annual goals. But I am ok with others. I probably need to update where I am on the yearly goals sometime soon.

3. I have been focusing on the "little things" this training cycle, and next up, I want to spend a little more time into foam rolling. I have some tight IT bands right now, and if I spend time sitting on the roller tonight and tomorrow and then continuously, that will get better!

4. One of my very best running friends is moving. Not too far, but further than he was for sure, and so we are making plans for "one last time" things. I am excited for that, but sad about it being the last time.

5. I have my first run over the half marathon distance of this training cycle tomorrow. I was supposed to do it two weeks ago, but due to the ass fall (ugh) I skipped my first 14. Then it was a cutback week. So... yeah. Coming up.


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