Training Update Week of May 23 & May 30

So I did not get ANY posts written last week. It was a definite fail. This week, as a result, I need to get a post up with 2 weeks of workout recaps in order to make sure I am on top of my training/writing.
So the week of May 23 was a cutback week, and last week I started building on the base that I have created for myself. So let's take a look at these past two weeks, see how things have been shaking out and how I have been feeling lately.

Monday, May 23: 5 miles, 4x30s strides, Core. 5.55 miles.
Tuesday, May 24: 4 miles, easy, Core. 0.25 mile walk. 40 minutes barre
Wednesday, May 25: 5 mile run, 1 mile walk. Core
Thursday, May 26: 40 minutes elliptical, 30 minute Barre workout. Core.
Friday, May 27: 5 miles easy, 0.75 mile walk. Core.
Saturday, May 28: OFF
Sunday, May 29: 8 miles with 0.4 mile walk to cool down.

2x Barre
5x Core
1x XT (not counting cool down walking)
29.95 miles run

Last week I started building on the previous four weeks after going through the recovery week. As of right now, I am just under 14 weeks out from the goal race, so it is time to start adding more mileage and picking up the pace!

Monday, May 30: 7 miles, 4x 30s strides. 7.52 miles, CORE.
Tuesday, May 31: 7 miles, 8:59 pace, Core, 1 hour Barre class
Wednesday, June 1: 7 miles, 0.25 mile cool down walk. Core.
Thursday, June 2: 50 minute walk, 1 mile run. Core.
Friday, June 3: 7 miles, 8:59 pace, 0.20 cool down walk, Barre class, Core.
Saturday, June 4: 12 miles (4 @ marathon effort), 0.40 cool down walk.
Sunday, June 5: 1 mile stroller run to the park, 0.70 mile walk.

2x Barre
5x core
1x XT
42.52 miles run

2 solid weeks of training down, and 14 to go!

What are you training for?


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