An update: in bullets

So I have not gotten on here and written in quite a while. Therefore, in order to just get through an entry, get something posted, I am just going to write a quick update post in bullet points.

Hope that works for anyone out there reading!

  • I checked one item off of my "goals" list for the year this month! I flew to San Antonio to meet up with J, who was there for a conference, and spent a night there, then headed up to Austin for two days as well. So that was how we spent 4 days on vacation. And I got to go to someplace new. I need to write a whole post about this.
  • Training is getting amped up. I am getting up near 50 miles per week. Things are feeling good as of right now, and I am hoping to be able to continue to feel good and motivated around this training cycle.
  • I am being really consistent with Barre workouts. I owe a full on post about this as well.
  • Work has been super crazy. As usual. While I have been trying to step back since I was not selected for the promotion that I worked hard for, it is not easy to do when there is so much going on. 
  • I have been working hard to focus and try and balance the "little things" with my workouts with motherhood. Here is a good example of that:
Addie and I work together to #hitreset using the new Jasyoga book.
  • The big thing I need to figure out is sleep. I am definitely struggling in the sleep department because that is the easiest thing for me to give up. Admittedly, I am still not being as effective as I might like to be. Obviously, the blog has fallen off the face of the planet, and with more time, I would definitely be stepping that up.
  • I have got to figure out what the correct plan is for studying. In general. All of the studying that I might need or want to do. Things that are included in this are the CPA exam, run coaching, and CPT exam. Ugh. I am exhausted thinking about it.
Hopefully this gives you some idea of where I am for life in general. I am hopeful to get back on track with life and writing and all of that... 


  1. It sounds like you have a lot going on at the moment! That's great that you were able to visit San Antonio and Austin. I lived in SA for 2 years and loved the city...and Austin of course is great!


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