Tuesday morning, easy

Yesterday I felt tired when the day started. Yes, this might have a little something to do with getting up at 4:30 am to knock out a 40 minute barre 3 DVD, but still. Tired. After the barre workout, I got ready for work, but just kept all of my workout clothes on, as I wanted to knock out my 4 mile easy run this morning as well. I was scheduled for a meeting at the last minute that went from 10:30 am -12:30 pm, so if I was going to get it done, I wanted to do it in the morning.

After arriving at the office, I used the restroom, grabbed by headphones and headed out. I was planning on running our most common 4 mile loop, which was introduced to me by my former coworker Greg. I almost never run this route any more because I am typically running more than 4 miles. The nicest part about this route is that it goes through a park and has a little bit of mulch-trails.
It was a beautiful morning. The sun was out, I was wearing a tank top and was comfortable, temperature-wise. I ran the four miles and really enjoyed my times out on the trail, in the park, and on the road back to the office. I was out there for just over 36 minutes, which is pretty much exactly what I wanted to do.

Some days you just need to let go of your exhaustion. Of your anxiety. Of all of the other tasks that are taking up your time and effort. Get out there. Enjoy the sunshine. The wind. The rain. The cold. Whatever the weather is, spend some time out in nature and look at the path in front of you. For once, that is ALL that matters.

And when I returned to the office, my head was clear, and I was ready to work.


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