Reflections... on Roo

Mom guilt.

Yep. It is for real. And I definitely cannot get over it some days. I feel like it has maybe been happening more often recently because of the traveling that I have needed to do recently. I am sure that has to do with it.

But instead of trying to focus on that right now, I am just going to focus on her. Because I love her more than anything right now, and even though I am feeling bad about things, I need to focus on the good things. So her are a few pictures of her, more for me, but I need this...
 Facetiming when I was in SD.
 Talking on the phone to Daddy at school.
 Yogurt eating selfie.
Vacuum at daycare.

Sometimes you just need a little reminder out there that you love someone more than yourself. And everything that I do every day at work, running, at home... everything... is for this little thing.


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