Reflecting on GCM training

I want to take some thoughts around my previous training cycle to hash out how I am feeling and how things are looking going into this next marathon cycle.

I think that reflecting on training when it is over is going to be valuable to me when I am looking forward and trying to plan how I am feeling going into training.

As I announced previously, I am really gunning for the BQ time on September 10, 2016. I will be racing in “Chicagoland” (ok, western suburbs) in a state park. Now that was the initial goal. I wanted to BQ. But as things have progressed with the last training cycle I am not sure that going for a BQ is the best goal. I feel like I have made much more progress than just a BQ. Of course, I cannot say “just a BQ” because that is a big freaking deal, however, I refuse to sell myself short on goals.
I have not yet set an official goal, but I know that a 3:34:59 is not good enough for me.

But let’s talk about the actual training cycle.

1. Added a fifth day of running (rather than one day of walking) which added to total mileage. Time on feet. Pounding on legs. All of that.
2. Diligent about core work. Minimum of 2x per week.
3. Time foam rolling and stretching.
4. Mental desire to train and push forward was much better and really focused on the end game.

1. Ran some interval splits or tempo miles “hot”
2. Need to continue to work to SLOW DOWN on easy miles. It was definitely improving, with paces hanging out in the 8:50 per mile pace or slower. But based on all of the reading that I have been doing about “easy miles” and heart rates and all of that… I want to continue to slow way the hell down.
3. Need to work on strength training more consistently. Even if it is just basic items, air squats, lunges, pushups, etc, in addition to the core work that I have been doing, I want to do that at least 2x per week.

Jen has been extremely helpful this cycle, of course, I did not expect anything less from her, of course, but I want to be more diligent myself in all of those things. So here are the things that I have come up with now for going forward into this next cycle:

1. Keep the 5 days per week of running
2. 4x week core
3. 2x week strength (even if just bodyweight work)
4. 1x week crosstraining
5. Update training log for Jen regularly.
6. Easy miles at 9:00/mile +
7. Max out around 60 miles/week

So let’s see how all of this goes.


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