Real versus NOT, GOALS

Do you ever struggle with what it is specifically that YOU want? Do you ever set goals and then later realize that you are setting them because of some expectation that you think someone ELSE has for you? This expectation could be real or imagined, but it still gets in your head, and it definitely makes it difficult to decipher your goals from your "imagined" goals.

I have decided to take a look at some of mine. Now, I am going to call them real and imagined, but to be clear, they are not necessarily imagined. They are just not a priority. HOWEVER, that does not mean I am not going to try for them.

Real: Run a BQ time (better, hopefully) in September.
Imagined: Run three marathons in 90 days in the fall to qualify for the marathon maniacs.

Notes: This three marathon thing is something that came up recently. I have not deciphered it yet, but I know that this goal is not the true goal for right now. I mean, I might decide to do this, but I need to keep my eye on the prize.

Real: Obtain more responsibilities, achieve a super high level on my performance review while maintaining the ability to train for marathons how I want, spend time with my family how I need to, and balance my life.
Imagined: Become a CPA.

Notes: Becoming a CPA is important in the long run. But I got sucked into this when I was not necessarily ready to commit. I need to find my focus here.

Obviously, these are only two examples, but they are the two things that have been in my head most frequently right now. I definitely have been thinking about this a lot recently and trying to figure out what I need to do. Getting "pen to paper" in this case has helped me to figure out what I really need. What I really want. And how to get there.

Do you have a struggle sometimes between your real and imagined goals?


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