Race Recap: Little Kings Mile

Shortly after running GCM, I raced a 1 mile race. I do not frequently get the chance to do this, since I am so frequently running more endurance based races. But as part of the Beer Series, I have raced 1 mile two times previously, and this was round three.

This specifically was the Little Kings Mile, I ran this the first time when I was pregnant with the Roo (post about this here) and ran it in 8:00. But I am happy to have run it. And then I raced it the second time in 2014 (recap here) and ran in 7:05. But this year, despite being only a few days out from a big PR in Toledo, I wanted to prove that fitness on a one mile course. So on Friday night, April 29, I went downtown to run a one mile race.

I jogged about a mile, then did a whole bunch of stretching waiting for a friend and before jogging another mile-ish over to the starting line.

Because I had forgotten to enter my planned finish time (I think I would've put in 6:30) I was scheduled to be in the last wave of the race. But Jes was in wave A and she wanted to break 7:00, so I checked with some folks working the race, and they told me that they would not be strictly enforcing the waves, so it should be ok if I lined up with A. And so I did.

It was a little bit crazy, because as I was standing there, with Jes, getting ready for the race, I was SO NERVOUS. Here, I was running a mile. It was going to be over in hopefully less than 7 minutes. But I had terrible jitters. I was feeling so nervous even knowing it was going to be over super fast. I think that part of this was because of that. If I didn't start out quickly enough, there was no time to make up ground.

Eventually, after getting nervous, and then trying to get focused, they blew the horn and wave A was off. I don't have much to say about the race, other than that it HURT. Running that hard is painful.
I ran the race in 6:05. That was good enough for 7th woman overall (there were 6 elite women, to be clear...) and 3rd in my age group. I think that was pretty much nailing it.

Have you ever raced one mile on roads?


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