Pic from my iPhone 2

Well, after accumulating another 300+ photos on my iphone, I felt like it was time to clean them up again. And so I figure it is time to add them to a post, and then get everything loaded up to snapfish. Someday I will make a few more photo books for the Roo.
 My Tigers Girl, smiling pretty in the gym at her school.
 Momma and Roo - a selfie.
 Addie's new book. It is PERFECT. Vader + Princesses. (Also, this book is HILARIOUS)
 PJ day at school. Addie wanted to be "Chippey" (her elf on a shelf)
 This is truth.
 TV watchers.
 Me & Jes at the Little Kings Mile.
 The falls in Sioux Falls, SD.
 Making the letter "L"
 Mom and Roo dinner. Chicken. Berries. Quinoa chips.
 Being a doctor AND golfing, all in one? (I guess that makes sense. Doctors do like golf, don't they?)
 Pretty smile in the bath tub.
Ice cream! (and an awkward smile)

Hope you enjoyed seeing more of the Roo!


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