More time in SD.

Still in Sioux Falls. I have been waking up earlier than the group, and earlier than necessary. So the time is current 7:20 am here in SD, and I don't have anywhere to be until 8:30. I have already been up, spent 40 minutes on the elliptical (it was an XT day) and did some strength training. By then, it was only 6:20, so I went and ate some breakfast. Although I do not like this hotel quite as well as the one we usually stay at when we are here, I did like free breakfast!

I am definitely missing the family though.
J sent me this picture of Addie eating her dinner (mac & cheese, of course!) and it made me feel a little sad. She is such a goof. It is nice that she is at daycare though, so I am still seeing what she is up to all day with the updates and pictures.
Like this one. It was picture day at school so she wanted to wear a "pretty dress" for "Princess Addie." She is so lady like. Ha ha.

I am trying to map a route for my 6 mile run tomorrow morning. I figure if I have that one thing done, I will feel pretty prepared for tomorrow morning. I have 6 miles at an easy pace, and I would prefer to get outside rather than hit the treadmill. Our hotel is just outside of a shopping mall. The mall is approximately 1.57 miles around, and so I am considering just running a few loops around that tomorrow (Wednesday) in order to not worry too much about getting lost. Maybe on Thursday I can venture out a little bit further and try and actually run on some city streets. We will see.

All right, I am off to the bank!


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