Friday Five XXVIII

It is Friday! Yahoo!
1. Travelling this week was fun but also exhausting. I am glad to be home right now (and by home, I mean, at the office, but at least I got to sleep in my own bed, see J, and wake up Addie myself.)

2. I was consistent with training while I was travelling. I have not always been great about that, but I guess at the same time, this is only the third time I have traveled for work. The first time was December, and I was between training cycles. Last year was April and the week after my goal race for the spring so it was a down week.

3.I am kinda wiped out right now, mostly from the heavy travel schedule this week plus running plus staying up way too late when I was out of town (most nights I did not get home till 9 ish, and then I needed to do core, wind down, etc).

4. I wrote a post that I am going to have go live next week that is my reflections on my training cycle for the half and rolling into this cycle. I think looking back and forward is going to keep me focused and keep my eye on the prize.

5. Something came up in SD that I am seriously thinking about... I need to give it a little bit more thought before I declare anything...


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