Friday Five XXIX

Friday five day!
1. I think that writing about the mom guilt that I am currently having was quite helpful in really helping me to breath and relax about it. Getting those feelings out "on paper" was an effective way to deal with it.

2. I am very seriously considering adding some kind of barre class to my schedule 1-2 days per week. It will be a replacement for strength training, since it is that. As of right now, it is just a DVD because I am not sure that even I can justify the cost of another gym service (I already belong to 2 gyms!) but I love it thus far.

3. I am running with the crew at lunch time today and I am very excited about it. Charlie and Karen are both coming to the office to run with me.

4. I have been thinking about marathons lately, and for some reason hitting the three marathons in 90 days and joining the maniacs is appealing to me. But in reality, I have no idea why. There is the obvious sense of accomplishment that will come with it, but it is unlikely that I would get really involved with the community. I have my community. Karen, Charlie and the birds here. Krista in Toledo... I don't need more. Or maybe I do?

5. J is going out of town for a conference. He is going to Las Vegas! He leaves on Sunday and gets back Thursday. Addie and I are going to bake a cake while he is gone (that is what she asked to do, so... whatever!)


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