A Trip through Memories

So a week and a half ago, I was home in Toledo, just overnight, for a special event. I would guess that not all people see this as a special event, but to me, it was really special.

It has been 15 years since my classmates and I performed the leading roles in our high school's musical (Central Catholic in Toledo), Once Upon a Mattress. And at Christmas time the current CCHS Glee Club, along with the rest of us, found out that is the show that they were going to be doing this Spring. And shortly after that, Lexi, one of our friends - she played the Queen - facebook messaged the group of us to see if we wanted to get together and see this show. She handled getting tickets for the group (thanks Lexi!) and we all waited several months to see each other and see the show.

The day arrived and we met up at the theater. We saw the show, and as we sat in our seats, we were refreshed on the show that we spent so many hours rehearsing and perfecting. There were definitely moments that I had completely forgotten about, even my own scenes. It was definitely fun to watch it, especially with the people that I spent so much time with 15 years ago.
The 2001 cast and Mrs. Barrow.
Elizabeth. Jenny. Lexi. Me. Mrs. Barrow (Debbie). Chelsea. and Pat.
2001 cast.
2001 cast with the 2016 cast.
Me and Gretchen. The 2016 and 2001 Lady Larken. 


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