Training Update: Week of April 11

Well well well... I registered for this on New Year's Eve, but have been pretty much unofficially gearing toward it since Indy ended...

It's race week!
I plan to spend some time later this week looking at my plans for actual race execution, but for today, let's look back and see my training from last week. I was tapering, obviously, and it felt like a pretty big taper, which feels weird a little. Although I think that weirdness is mostly because I ran a cutback week right into taper, which is mostly why it feels so harsh.

So let's look at last week!

Monday: 6 miles + strides. 6.71 miles total. CORE.
Tuesday: 5 miles, 8:55 pace
Wednesday: Speedwork (3x1 mile. 2x800m). Strides. 7.19 total miles. CORE
Thursday: 40 minutes elliptical, strength, CORE.
Friday: 6.35 miles (needed to get back to my office) 9:00 pace
Saturday: 9 miles, 3 at race pace. CORE.
Sunday: OFF

34.25 total miles
Core 4x
Strength 1x
XT 1x

It was a great week, and I am very excited for the race this weekend!


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