Training Recap: Week of April 11

Well, the Glass City Marathon has come and gone, expect a recap over the next few days, but for now, let's do our normal Monday stuff. We can recap my last week of training.
The past week was tough for me (as it is for nearly every runner ever). Taper is just HARD. So let's see how the week ended up.

Monday: 5 miles with strides. 5.52 total. CORE
Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday: 4 miles easy, + 0.50 mile walk CORE
Thursday: 5 miles with strides. 2 miles at tempo pace 5.58 total miles CORE
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 3 shakeout miles, 3x30s strides. 3.43 miles
Sunday: 1.4 mile warm up. 1 mile cool down. GLASS CITY HALF MARATHON and also CORE

34.61 total miles
1 race

Obviously, recap to come but *SPOILER ALERT* I nailed my A goal.


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