The last long run

So I had the last long run before my goal spring race last Saturday. After all of the work stuff that I posted yesterday, I really just needed some time to myself. So although I had a few opportunities to go and meet up with some other folks, whether it was up in Mason at Buckeye, or downtown with a few of the other ladies... I just wanted to be alone.

I had 9 miles on the schedule with the last three at race pace. I headed over to the bike trail to do my run, because I knew that the surface and elevation changes on the bike trail were going to be most similar to the course in Toledo.

At 7:00, I left my house and headed over to the trail head in Newtown. I had picked up my park pass for 2016 the week before at Sharon Woods when I was there with the girls. I got one in 2015 as well, because I decided that I would hope to ensure that my car is there when I get back, and I wanted to make sure that I can get into and out of parks without getting stuck at a guard shack every time. I am hopeful that it is not just running, and that I can take Addie over there too.

When I got out of my car, after using the restroom, I headed out on the trail. My legs were definitely cold at first. The first mile was a good bit slower than I had hoped, mostly because my legs were cold.

The plan for this run was was to run the first 6 miles at kind of a conversational pace, and then run the last three at a few seconds slower than half marathon pace. That should have put me right around 7:30 pace. Here were my splits for this run.
As you can see, my HMP miles were definitely a little hot, but it was just how I felt like running. I am hopeful that this leads to a solid race day.

I have a call with coach Jen later this morning, so I should have a race plan then!


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