Solid LR

Saturday was likely the longest run of my half training cycle. At this point, things are winding down. And while the mileage is likely to stay up over the half marathon mark for the long run for another week or two, it likely will not go up to 16 again (just wait, I will probably be surprised with a 16 in a week!) but regardless...

I did not run that 16 a week ago when I was originally supposed to. We were traveling to Toledo for Parker's birthday (post to come, probably next week), and things were just hectic and busy. When we got back to Cincinnati, and I got out for the run, I was feeling run down, sore, etc. And when I got out there? It was WINDY. So basically it sucked. I made it about 6.5 miles (a little less than that) before getting over the run. I headed home, and made plans to go for it again this past Saturday.

I have been running in my neighborhood pretty much all the time, and to be honest, I think that has been a bit of a drain on my long runs. I am bored of running all around the same streets, and as much as I want to get out a little more, there are some very curvy, hilly streets with no sidewalks nearby, and I do not think that it is a good idea - therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to get out of my neighborhood for this long run.

I  headed up to Mason for run group for the first time in MONTHS. Maybe longer. It might be a year. Which is a little sad, considering how frequently I was running with them in the past. I knew that the group was only running 12 miles, on the high end, but just being in a new area that I was super familiar with running was going to be helpful to me.

My run was supposed to be 16 miles with miles 4-5 at 7:35, miles 7-8 at 7:30 and miles 10-11 at 7:25. The rest of the mileage (10) were supposed to be at conversational pace. The group headed out together, but I quickly was on my own.

Here is the route that I ran.
I have run pretty much this whole route before, but never as one run. It is typically not something that I have done on its own before, but I enjoyed this course. There were some hills and some tough parts for sure, but overall, it was a pretty good run. The finishing point is actually approximately 1 mile from the start, so I ended up walking back there.

My "pace miles" were as following:

So I think that is a win in the pace miles book? I averaged 7:50 for the 16 miles that I ran and earned a new unofficial half marathon PR in the process. BOOM.

Any good LR stories to tell?


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