Race Recap: The Findley Davies Kids Marathon

So before I ran my race last Sunday, we had a trip to Toledo so Addie could run her first race.

The Findley Davies Kids Marathon as part of the Glass City Marathon was set to be run at noon on Saturday, April 23. I had signed Addie up ages ago, after she had expressed an interest in a race after receiving "pink running shoes" for Christmas (a pair of Saucony I had gotten inexpensively on zulily). It was $10 for the kids race, and I knew she would be excited about having a medal of her own. She likes to wear my medals around frequently until I sneak them away to hang them on the rack in the basement.

Rather than go into details on this, I think I am just going to post the pictures that J took from the race with a few comments.
Getting bibbed up.
Number 70 showing off.

 Waiting for the race to start.
 And we are off and running! 

 Momma trying to be encouraging but not pushy.
We did it! She now has her own medal!

A few notes on this...  The race for ages 2-3 is 400m. Honestly, that seemed a little far for her. We did it. We finished it, but I think it will be much better for her next year.

The kid swag is pretty fun, a tee shirt (obviously), medal, bib, and a teddy bear. Oh. And the shades she is wearing in the family picture have a little logo/branding on them, but she got those there too. They had your standard post race food and some chick-fil-a sandwiches after the race as well.

Addie seemed to have a good time, despite being afraid of the mascots (the Mercy Children's Hospital Hippo and the Owens Corning Pink Panther). I definitely think we will be back next year!


  1. A teddy bear! What a cute thing for a kids race. Love the photos. :)


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