Pics from my iPhone 1

I have seen this on a few other blogs, and while it will not be a weekly thing or anything like that, it might be fun to upload and talk about a bunch of pics that are on my iPhone! I think that is kind of a fun thing, so here we go.
 Story time (with cuddles included)
 The medal I am working toward in less than three weeks.
 I MUST HAVE THIS (Peach dodo - a gose from Rhinegeist)
 Roo's first medal that she is working toward.
 Brush your teeth - we tell her she needs to make the shiny like a Princess - whatever works, right?
 Opening day story time!
 They could be siblings. So flipping cute.
 Addie is checking out the duckling that they hatched at school - she is obsessed with it.
How I will be spending time tomorrow morning... Elton John ticket buying.


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