Parker's first birthday!

So on March 26, Parker, my nephew and godson, turned one. He is Rachel's pride and joy, and Addie really loves him as well.

When Rachel was pregnant, she decided that she LOVED monsters, whether it was going to be a little boy or a little girl, she wanted to use monsters as a theme. And she followed through on that, all the way through his first birthday. Now, in order to come up with a fun birthday theme, she went with Cookie Monster specifically as he is more readily available in "stuff".

So cookie monster it was! J, Addie and I traveled up to Toledo for the weekend, and we were able to be there for the birthday. J and I had a date night when we got there, which was pretty nice. So I am going to do this birthday recap MOSTLY with pictures and some captioning around them.
A screen shot of Parker's birthday invitation. I added little monsters on top of Rachel's phone number but it is so cute!

Parker's monster cakes (and cookies of course). Rachel had a friend who found these cakes online and made them. Can we say Pinterest win? So awesome. The blue one is the smash cake.

Parker enjoying his cake. Let's be clear. Teek also enjoyed this cake.
Addie enjoyed a slide of the other cake (it had a layer of cookie dough in the middle).

Addie and Parker playing with his new toys.

Addie and Parker playing with Ellie. My brother Matt's dog. Isn't she so adorable? I love her. And also these kiddos.

Happy Birthday Parker!


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