My morning (also known as "take a deep breath")

So this is not the post that I was originally planning on writing today, but because I walked into my office this morning, already feeling stressed, and knowing that Coach Jen said to take a few days off (read: I cannot go for a run to undo my stress), the plan got changed and now you get to read about my morning.

So I feel like I should start with some good news, which is really very good news, but it does not really sit well with me today...

Addie is about 98% potty trained. That last 2% is the fact that she is in a pull up over night. The majority of times she wakes up dry, but I am just waiting for that time when she has an accident, pees the bed, and I have to get up in the middle of the night and change sheets. Ugh. I probably better get over it. Anyway, so yes, that is obviously good news. We even got over the pooping in the potty fear that we seemed to have.

Basically, I went in to her daycare, her teacher said, I think she is ready, bring her in panties tomorrow, and I said, Ok.

She has had a few accidents, of course, but we have been taking her places (Toledo, her race, a 40 minute commute to and from Blue Ash twice per day), and things have been going pretty well. She has been announcing when she has to go (which has resulted in a few rest area stops on the way to Toledo) and we have been making it in time.

But that brings us to this morning. We have been trying to allow her to go in the potty when she needs to go, even though that inconveniences us sometimes. I know that is hard for J and it is definitely hard on me.

So this morning we are loaded up into the car as usual. Addie had her "snacks" and we were on our way to work at daycare. It was about 6:19 am and I like to be on the road by 6:20. It is about a 40 minute commute to her daycare/my office, so we will get over there about 7 am, allowing me to get her settled and be at my office by 7:15. We were driving, Addie is eating her picky bar (her fave breakfast snack) and all of a sudden she shouts "I NEED TO POOP!"

So we turn the car around and head back home because there is not really anywhere that we can stop nearby. I ask her several times while driving "Do you really need to poop?" and she always responded YES! So I took her home, and admittedly was already thrown. I was starting to stress about being late, and my timing being thrown off, etc etc. I got her home, out of the car, and into the bathroom and helped her onto the potty (we don't have a kid potty, just a little seat that goes on top of the regular one, so she needs a boost).

For 20 minutes we sat there with her making a "poop face". No poop. No pee. Nothing. I was SO FRUSTRATED. And then we hit the road, we were 20 minutes + behind where I normally am, and so traffic was much heavier. I pretty much was feeling stressed and overwhelmed. I mean, something to keep in mind here. I was not "late" I was just behind where I LIKE to be. So in reality, I was overreacting to NOTHING. Regardless, I felt tense. I had to go through a few mantra-grind in type things while I was driving, things like "I cannot control everything" and "Just because I am behind does not mean I am late".

But after all that...  Look at this pretty girl.


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