Glass City Marathon - Goals and race plan

I talked to Coach Jen yesterday, so let's lay out a race plan. and chat about goals going into the race.

Jen gave my a very basic plan, and I plan to really stick to it, and hopefully have some huge gains as a result of this plan. So high level coach Jen's plan:

target: 1:38:16. (7:30 pace) Now, according to Jen, that is the slowest end of my target based on the race plan she put together for me. So let's look a little deeper at some of the details that came through in the google doc that she sent me about 20 minutes before we hopped on the phone.

The strategy for this race it to run even paces. When I ran my tune up 15K, my 5K splits were pretty much dead nuts on. 7:27 avg, 7:26, 7:27. I mostly ran that race by feel, and did not spend a whole lot of time looking at my watch. So overall, my goal is to replicate this race over the first 10 miles of the Glass City on Sunday morning. I need to consistently pump out 7:25-7:30 pace for 10 miles.

And then, I race.

So if I run consistent 7:30s, if I cannot kick it up at all in that last 5K, I finish in 1:38:16. HOWEVER, I nearly ran a 5K pr after an 11 mile run if you remember correctly. (Trust me, I remember, it was a good day!) So in some ways, that is my goal... Run a 5K PR at the tailend of a half marathon. Lofty, but possible?

So, now for the goal portion of this entry:

C Goal: Sub 1:40 (there have been way too many things in this training cycle to lead me to believe that I absolutely without a doubt can do that.
B Goal: 1:38:16 - straight up 7:30s
A Goal: 1:35:50 - 7:25s for 10 miles followed by a 21:40 5K (which would be a 5 s PR)

And yes, that A goal is a stretch. And I am highly likely to hopefully land somewhere between A & B, but I have to work for it, right?

How do you set race goals and plans?


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