Friday Five XXVII

More Friday Five fun!
1. Like I said yesterday, I want May to be a Zero Month. I do not want to spend any extra money in the month of May. I mean, yes, 2 dinners out, and groceries. BUT THAT IS IT. No Oiselle. No socks. No running shoes. No race registrations. I really want to break the spend habit.

2. I am working on my race recap right now. Get ready because... it is going to be a long one I think.

3. Like I said, I am NOT racing the Flying Pig this year. I am not even running the Flying Pig this year. (you know, running versus racing) I will be racing one mile tonight as part of the Beer Series, but that is it. I have a goal to PR, and that should be not a problem at all, but no goals.

4. I am travelling to South Dakota next week. I will be there from Monday night and arriving back at home on late Thursday. I am looking forward to some time away to be "Emily" rather than wife. Mom. Whatever. But obviously SD is not the ideal location for such things. But it should be fun anyway.

5. I have been SO HUNGRY lately. I know that it is the running coming back down. Luckily it is back to training again next week. And I am going to really work hard and FOCUS on nutrition this cycle.


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