Friday Five XXVI

AND... It is Friday!
So here we go!

1. My team is out of the office today. They are all down in Lexington at Keeneland (a horsetrack) watching some horse races, doing some gambling and some drinking. But since as usual, they selected the week right before my race, I will not be in attendance. I just need to focus on the race and all that now.

2. Tomorrow is Addie's first race. It is a little long for a 2 year old, but I officially do not care if we are the only ones still out on the track. It is a 400m race! But here is a "Flat Addie" for the race (I will probably do this again with a Flat Emily before we BOTH race).
3. Yes, my two year old now has Under Armour performance gear, but in my defense I was ordering a Project Rock shirt for my hubs, and wanted to reach that free shipping threshold. Addie loves that the shorts are pink. Of course.

4. I tried a new gel last week on my long run. Charlie and I swapped a salted gel for a different salted gel, so we could each try them. I liked it!
But I will have the old salted caramel standby (along with Maple Bacon) out on the GCM course with me.

5. AGAIN. MY TEAM IS OUT OF THE OFFICE TODAY. Which means I am taking the day for some major catch up. Study time. Writing. Etc.


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