Friday Five XXII

Ugh, I cannot believe I did not get a post up on the blog last week. I had been so good at at the VERY least, getting that post up on a weekly basis. Oh well. Can't be perfect every single week, right?
1. Baseball is back! It is the most wonderful time of the year! (at least I think so, I am sure the majority of people think that it is football or March Madness, but I am a tigers girl, through and through.

2. I tried this single serve drip coffee yesterday.
It came in one of my picky club boxes (I think at Christmas time?) and I busted it out for yesterday's first cup of coffee (of three). It was pretty damn good!

3. I started a bullet journal. I blame Anna Weber. She posted about it on facebook, and I am officially obsessed. I have visited their website, watched some youtube videos, and busted out a notebook that I had sitting around for a while.

4. I did not get that job. Just a quick little note on that right here. I am not really comfortable talking about it yet. I am upset. I admit it. And sometimes, I have cried about it in the car on the way home from work, and that really worries Addie. She does NOT like it when mommy cries.

5. I preordered the new star wars movie. We should get it this weekend. Sssh... Don't tell J.


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