A Bird-filled LR

On Sunday, I decided it was a good day to run with friends. Meaning, I cleared everything through J and was able to go and meet a few birdies to have a long run (we ran around the lake at Sharon Woods), and then we went to grab brunch.

These are all ladies that I met briefly at other times, ran past them in the Heart Mini, etc, but meeting them in person had not yet happened. So when we started emailing to try and arrange a local meet up, Emily B taking the lead. She was the one who initially emailed us, and I am grateful to her for taking the lead.

So the plan was to meet at Sharon Woods at 10 am, go for a run, and then go for brunch at 11 am. All of these ladies had run their long runs yesterday, and so my plan was to run 5, then meet up with them, and run the last 5+ together. I parked at the Sleepy Bee in downtown Blue Ash, and after using the bathroom, headed out to go to Sharon Woods, running there.

After running into the clubhouse at the golf course, purchasing my park pass for the year, and using a real bathroom before going outside to meet up with the other ladies. When I came outside they all were climbing out of the car waving at me to get my attention.
We ran two laps around the lake, and then hiked up the hill back to the golf course before climbing into Rebekah's car to drive back to sleepy bee for brunch.

It was a lovely morning.


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