Training Recap: Week of March 7

Another week of training has come and gone. I feel like I am down to only 6 weeks at this point? Ok, yes, I just counted. 6 weeks are all that are left before I go for it with my big spring goal race. I am trying to stay focused on it, even though I know what I want to do in the fall. But let's keep the focus on the NOW.
And the NOW is the Glass City Half Marathon. And the goal as of this moment is to run a 1:39:xx. I am not yet ready to commit to a goal any faster than that, and Coach Jenn and I will discuss that when we get a little closer (I told her I was not ready to talk about it yet and jinx myself!)

So let's look back at a cutback week of training, see how that shook out.

Monday: 6.8 miles, watchless. (mapped when I got back to the office) 4x30s strides
Tuesday: 5 miles, 8:49 pace, treadmill. Core.
Wednesday: 6.28 miles. 8:19 pace
Thursday: Strength, upper body. Core.
Friday: 4 miles, easy. Core. Sushi wars.
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: Heart Mini 15K (race recap to come), sushi wars

31.46 miles run
3 days core
1 time strength

Another boom-worthy week?


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