Sushi Wars

I mentioned on Monday that I had been doing a workout six days per week called "Sushi Wars 2.0". The title of the workout has pretty much nothing to do with the workout itself but rather the motivation idea behind the workout.

Sushi Wars was created by my friend Jes. The woman who got me hooked on this little running thing. The woman who convinced me... "oh, you have run 5 miles? You can DEFINITELY train for a marathon!" And now I have run three. A woman who really is my inspiration in a lot of ways.
This is the sign that our coach, Brett, made for us when we were running the Flying Pig, my first marathon, and a BIG PR for Jes. We were team JEM.

So Jes - if you see this - I mean it.
Also, PS - how much leaner am I since this day? The day we crossed the finish line of my first marathon holding hands?

Anyway, the original idea of sushi wars was to find a way to keep consistent with strength training during marathon training. I have suffered from this as well. Dropping the ball when mileage gets higher, times get faster, and workouts become more important to marathon training. And I do believe that caused issues with my hips and glutes in the fall. I want to stay strong, because being strong will make me a stronger runner.

So in reality, this is a 25-ish minute body weight workout (at least, I just do body weight) that we do 6 days per week. The idea behind the name of the workout is the following: If I do the workout 6 days in a week and you only do it 5 times, you buy me a sushi lunch. I am not officially participating in this, because Jes has a partner, but I am thankful that she shared the 2.0 workout with me, and when 3.0 starts, I will be ALL IN.

I don't want to share the details of the workout, but it is all of the leg and core work (along with pushups) that is needed to really improve my running.

Do you consistently strength train while marathon training?


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