Race Recap: The Heart Mini 15K

On Sunday, I ran a race. The Heart Mini 15K. I have run this race once before, in 2013 (I was preggo) in 2012 I ran the half marathon and in 2011 I ran the 5K (no recap...)
I planned on using this race as a tempo run, hoping to really test my legs out at half marathon effort and see where that left me. Obviously, my goal for Toledo as of right now is to run a 1:39:xx. So I was hoping that I would be able to run 7:30s. But I also was being relaxed about this goal, deciding that obviously this is not a goal race, and I was feeling really wiped out last week, so if I started running and it was feeling like hell, then I would just relax and roll with a conversational pace.

So I arrived downtown very early.

This is why. No lines! And thank goodness. Because I had to go by the time I got downtown, and I was relieved to walk out of my car, down the street, and then whew... potties.

After going, then heading back to my car, coming out and going back to the bathroom again, I headed over to the start line to do a few warm ups. Some leg swings and just trying to get my hips feeling better and feeling warm and dry. It was not raining, but maybe misting a little. I talked myself out of wearing my raincoat, thank god.
It was dark, and it was the time switch the night before so I was an hour less sleep than I would have gotten even in a good place.

My friend Brett's daughter sang the National Anthem and we were off, running down 5th St, as it connected to 50 going east (Columbia Parkway). We immediately ran into rolling hills, some longer and some steeper than others. I was hurting, and started to think "well... maybe I should ease up a little bit." and then my watch beeped. Mile 1 - 7:20. Schwoops. No wonder it hurts. But at the same time, that boosted my confidence. I was not going to let up. I knew it was going to hurt, and when I am running harder than planned, it will DEFINITELY hurt.

The first 5K flew by in 23:02 (7:26 pace). It was not long before I reached Delta in Mt. Lookout, and we were at the turn around. I felt a little bit like Galen Rupp in the trials marathon a few weeks back, taking it SUPER carefully to make sure that I did not slip on the wet pavement. Because this race is mainly an out and back (with another little out and back around the 10K mark), it was at this point that I started watching for friends who were behind me. I saw Karen first, Jenn, Chelsa, and others out there.

Around 5.5 miles, we turned up Torrence, which I believe is the most difficult part of the course, you basically run uphill for a half mile. It was also the slowest mile of my entire run. 7:46 mile. But that did not matter overall, I crossed the 10K mark on my way down the hill, and because consistency, I ran the second 5K in a 7:27 pace, so I was through 10K in 46:10. As soon as you get to the bottom of that hill, you turn back onto Columbia Parkway and start climbing again.

I was really feeling it at this point, coming down hill reminded me that I had quads, but I was still holding a good pace. I was not really chatting with anybody, but I had been with the same group of people for a few miles, and then when we reached the 15K/half marathon split, I realized I was mostly alone. There were no other women around me.

I pressed on, and crossed the finish line in 1:09:03 or a 7:26 average for the full race.

Nailed it. After collecting my Top 5 age group award, I spotted the following.
Ummm. Top 15? In such a BIG local race? Holy crap. Is it possible that I am locally legitimately competitive?


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