Race Recap: Bockfest 5K

Last Saturday, I ran my first race of the year. The Bockfest 5K, which is part of the Christian Moerlein Beer Series - served up by the Flying Pig marathon. I have run this race two other times, and I actually skipped all of the Beer Series races last year, so I have run this 3 of the 4 times that it has ever been run.

This year, obviously, I have come up with much greater goals for myself than finishing some race, so in turn, I have kind of steered clear of some side racing over the last year or so. Not to mention, dedicating more time to Addie, and making sure I am available to her. But I kind of included it in my plans, not necessarily RACING, but running most of my long run, and then putting in some good effort, since I missed racing in 2015.

So, I went out and ran 10 miles downtown and through Kentucky. I swung back by my vehicle to pick up my bib (I didn't want to run downtown for an hour and a half ish with a bib on) and then headed up to Bockfest Hall, approximately 1 mile from where my car was parked.

In order to keep myself under control, I did not reset my watch, I just kept it going (well, paused) for twenty minutes until the 5K started. So I was at approximately 11.2 when the 5K started. So I was not getting mileage beeps in line with the actual mile markers. I think that if I knew exactly where I was at any given point, I might have run harder. At the end of the day, I did the right thing, because I have been able to run this week.

I did clock a sub 7 mile (Mile 13 was 6:41) which is the fastest mile that I have record of, I think. In addition, I also have 3 OTHER new records on my strava. Best 5K effort (which does not line up with the actual race, i think it started a little before the race?), best 2 mile effort, and best 1 km. As I came around the final corner of the race, I passed a volunteer. He shouted out "You're the 8th woman!" I held my hands up for a second, excited, and dug in to pass one more woman before the finish.
I think if I had known how close to a PR I was, I would have kicked it a little more. I could see the 6th and 5th women. If I had more room after I heard I was in 8th, I would have dug in to pass them, but hey... What's done is done, and I came in 7th out of 1103 women. That is like the top 0.5%. Yowzers. Who knew?

I saw some friends when it was over, we enjoyed some beers. It was Bockfest after all....
I had a great time, and a great race. And I am really excited to keep working hard and seeing what can happen.


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