Professional development

I had therapy on last Tuesday afternoon. One of my March goals was to return to therapy, and at the end of February, I managed to get in for my first appointment. And I know that I briefly wrote about my return to therapy when talking about things that I need to do for myself. But now I am working hard to make sure that I am making progress.

This past week, the discussion really focused on me and my job. We have discussed many things in the two years that Amy has been a part of my life, but my job is one of the things that we have not touched on quite as much. I don't spend a lot of time talking about my work on the blog in general, so unless you are "lucky" enough to know me in real life, you probably just know that I am an accountant.

But I have been working the same job for three years now. I have held this position, I have grown and developed and I feel like I have made significant progress. But I have never been promoted. I have never advanced. I have never done any of those things and every once in a while, I have serious feelings about it.

So, there is an opportunity within my company, within my team. And I am not automatically being given it. I have to interview for it along with some external people. I don't know what that means, and I am not sure how I feel about it. I mean, it sucks to not just be "promoted". But I am not being given anything.

I have decided that this is something that I want. For sure. It took me some time to get there because it is hard to think about the long term, it is difficult to realize how far I have come, and yet how far I still have to go to really be able to make an impact as a professional.

Here are the things that are hindrances to me getting this job (AKA - things that I have to work on):
1. no CPA
2. lack of confidence in my knowledge and ability
3. lack of development early in my career with this company.

I cannot really do anything about number three other than work hard like I have been to make up for it. Number two is something that is going to take time, but I am working on it, and writing this post is part of that, I think, because I am publicly acknowledging the fact that something like this truly is important to me. It truly IS something that I want.

Now... number one...



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