Friday Five XXI

Somehow I am entering the 21st week of posting about Five random things on Friday. Holy smokes. And because I am not a fan of an intro, here you go!
1. Going along with my post from Tuesday and my new goal, I am also up for a promotion. It is a new position, so I do have to interview for it, along with some external folks. My interview is on Monday, so PLEASE wish me luck!

2. Wee birds are BACK at Oiselle! #fbf to the original wee bird at 7 months old. Let's be clear, she is now approximately 31 months. How teeny she was!
I might have spent a ridiculous amount of money on the new wee bird hoodie (ok, and tee shirt) for her. But I did get the biggest size. That way it'll last! (Because that makes spending a lot of money better?)

3. I have spent the last few days waffling over the purchase of some bluetooth headphones. I will let you know what I decide...

4. I love my daycare that we send Roo too. They send me pictures of her every single day through the app that they use, and I am so glad to get goofy things like this:
5. I started wearing a top knot for running. I love it and it makes me feel like a bad ass.
I have a LOT of hair, and this does not feel too heavy, and it stays put pretty well.


  1. GOOD LUCK ON MONDAY! Fingers crossed for you. Have a great weekend.

  2. Best of luck on Monday! Relax this weekend!


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