Friday Five XX

And now... the twentieth edition of the Friday Five! Holy crap. If nothing else, I can say that I have consistently blogged on Fridays for 20 straight weeks.
1. Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday, I had something that I wanted to write about, but unfortunately I was way too slammed to get it out the door. I am a little bummed, but at least it gives me something to talk about on another day.

2. I had a big speed workout on Wednesday of this week. I went to the track and ran 8x800m. All of these 800m repeats were faster than my goal pace of 3:25. Also, I learned my lesson after my crazy long track workout of the past and changed directions on the track with each 800. That helped with pain/soreness from running on a little oval for more than 9 miles (also I did my warm up and cooldown running to and from the track from the office - this also helped).

3. J is out of town this weekend. Addie and I plan on doing all kinds of super fun girl stuff. To be clear, I have NO IDEA what that means. So far, it meant eating a dinner that I love and Jason will tolerate. Better to eat it when he is not around, since he isn't a fan anyway, right?

4. I started working on something last night. It had to do with the post that I did not write for yesterday. Whoops. More to come and sorry for being so vague.

5. I have 14 miles to run this weekend. And they are going to be on the treadmill. While that sucks, I am determined to get them in and I did not make arrangements for a sitter this weekend. I am actually looking forward to all of the momma and Addie Roo time that will be happening!


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