Friday Five XIX

Whoa...  I am on the 19th Friday five?
1. This week has been a step back week in running. Thank goodness because more than 40 laps on the track last week did a number on my legs. I am hopeful that the fact that I really tried to take it easy this week will give me good results Sunday (I am racing my tune up). Not to mention (more importantly) getting ready to go into the next 4 weeks of my training cycle.

2. I am honing in on my goal marathon for the fall, where I am once again going to BQ attempt. More to come on this.

3. Addison is officially OBSESSED with ballet. As seen below.

She is taking ballet as an enrichment class at daycare, and she is loving it. This was her first little recital. We have since gotten her tights, shoes, leotard, the whole shebang.

4. I am SLOWLY trying to get back on the 4:30 am workout train. Whatever I can do. That will allow me a lot more flexibility in my work day if I am already done with my workout. Even if I land one of these per week right now, I am happy with it, and we will see where things go from there. Hopefully they will start to increase. It was two this week.

5. I think spring is maybe here? The temperature has been warmer, it has been rainy, etc. I am ready for outdoor runs in SHORTS!


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