February Goal Review

Another month down, 10 to go. I am continuing to make progress in my goals and get further down the path of awesome. haha. 

1. Run the year.
I ran 193.76 miles in February. That was nearly ten miles more than in January and in two fewer days. That puts me at 378 miles for the year. That means I have 1638 miles remaining in 10 months. So 163 ish miles per month. That is down from the 170 that I needed to get at the beginning of the year. So I am making progress and hope to continue to do so.

2. Travel to someplace new.
Not yet, obviously, unless you count a new local brewery that we visited? (seriously, I just left that from January because that is something I did in February as well, this time a brewery (or 4) in Indianapolis for J's birthday!

3. Read 52 books
I read two additional books in February. One of them was SUPER long (950 pages) and so I am considering it a win and sticking with some shorter books in March  to try and knock a few more off the list.

4. Write 200 blog posts. 
I wrote another 22 posts in February, which puts me at 156 to go. That involves averaging approximately 16 per month for the rest of the year. More progress.

5. Take Addison to Bronners
Rachel and I have picked a tentative date, two days before my Spring goal race. April 22.

6. Work on the development of the team at work
This month I took someone on the team out to lunch. I do not frequently do that, because it truly is out of my comfort zone, and I would often much rather go to the gym or head out for a run. And it ended up being good, but I definitely WAS uncomfortable the whole time.

7. Do one thing for myself EVERY DAY
So far: check. Most days it is running/workouts. But I am also reading some and coloring as well. I need have been working on something new that will display these accomplishments, but unfortunately I have been stinking and maintenance with it. In March, I would like to get that on track.

8. Cook 12 new recipes.
I made that skillet chicken earlier this month, which was a hit with both J and I. So I was pleased with that, and we will make it again, I think.
2/12 new recipes cooked.

9. Show my coworkers and team more of "Runner Emily"
Obviously, no real way definitions around that, but I am working on it. And I am doing ok and keeping my head up and smiling. It is a start?

10. Figure out certifications
Progress. I have made progress. More to come.

Do you have goals for 2016? How is it going?


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