Baking on a Sunday

So, once again, I needed to come up with a brand new recipe to make for this month to continue to keep me on track with my 2016 goal of making 12 new things. This month - at least so far - I decided it was a good month to BAKE. I have done meals so far this year, and decided to mix things up a little bit.

J and I had paged through an issue of food network magazine, that is actually about a year old. I think I included it as a pretty simple/basic gift for him for his birthday last February. And when we were trying to come up with meals this week, we got that out looking for recipes, and this particular recipe caught my eye.

Dulce de Leche cookie bars.

HOLY SMOKES. These are some GOOD cookie bars. The cookie part ends up kind of like a shortbread, and then it is topped with some caramel sauce that is jazzed up a bit, and chocolate chips (full disclosure, I didn't have any walnuts, I skipped them all together.)

Yeah... J and I needed to try them before I could even take a picture.  They smelled so awesome when I got them out of the oven, and so we could barely wait for them to be cool enough to get them out of the pan.

You should REALLY make these. Let me know if you do.


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