A marathon selection

So, I have eluded to this a few times, but I have officially selected and registered for my fall goal marathon. And I am going to be clear upfront on this one. I am REALLY going for that BQ time.

I am headed back to Illinois, the Chicagoland area, in September for the Last Chance to BQ marathon. And this marathon is LITERALLY the last chance. It is on Saturday, September 10, and registration for the 2017 Boston Marathon starts the following week.

On their website, they say "300 Boston Focused Runners. Elite Runner Treatment." and everything that I have read so far leads me to believe that is the case. They seem to be really trying to help take all of the question marks out of your BQ attempt in order to really focus on running your race and completing it to the best that you can possibly do on that day.

J sent me the link to their website a few weeks ago, I waffled on it for a while and talked about it with both J and Coach Jen. And then I got the courage to pull the trigger. I figured with the fact that J sent it to me in the first place indicated that he was more on board than he might be with something else. PLUS this would get me in for 2017, which by running Chicago and then Indy last fall was the original goal anyway, so I am still on track for Boston at the same time I originally thought.

It is exciting already to me to see this on my plan:
That is a snip from an un-filled-in section of my training plan from Jen. And seeing that makes me excited already and I know that I am really going about chasing this goal in the right way. I am proud of the progress that I have made mentally and physically, and I have enjoyed showing that off in the two races that I ran in March. So here I go!


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