A day in MY life - work day

Sometimes I feel like writing is done by formula. My writing in particular, here. So instead of that, I am going to skip trying to write a blog post by formula, because I am writing this for me, not for the public anyway. Especially since I do not get the kind of page views that lots of others get.

So let's look at a "day in the life" kind of post, rather than some other more focused post. I am just feeling like as a working mom, (more than 40 hours per week at my job outside of the house) who is doing a ton of training (for me), and trying to manage her home life is interesting enough as it is, right?

So here we go, let's look at my life last Friday, February 26.

5:30 am
My alarm goes off, dogs go nuts, so as usual, no snoozing for me. I take them downstairs, feed them, clean out my email inbox from my phone (as the majority of the emails I get over night are junk, I just scan through them and trash them), and then head back upstairs with my gym bag to get ready for the day. I usually shower the night before so I just get dressed in running stuff and get my hat and gloves out of my bag before putting jeans and stuff in the bag to change into after the run.

5:50 am
Head into Addie's room, turn on the light. I know it is early but we get her to bed early, and we have been doing this daily for nearly 2 years now. I pull her clothes out of the drawers and start chatting with her while she wakes up. After she acknowledges me, I pick her up and we cuddle for a few minutes in the glider which is still in her room. After she is dressed (Friday in teal pants and a shirt with butterflies, and her "pink running shoes"), we go back to my room to say good morning to daddy who is still in bed. After some cuddling and a family hug, Addie and I head downstairs to get our breakfast, and we are on the road by 6:10. This day I had to stop and get gas, so I did that before getting on the highway.

6:58 am
Arrive at Addie's daycare, we finish listening to the song that is playing on our Princess CD that I keep in my car, and head into the daycare. I take Addie to the potty, put her hair in a ponytail, and handle a few of her stalling techniques (there are lots these days) before kissing her goodbye.

7:18 am
Three minutes behind, I arrived at the rec center to meet up with Charlie. I had 7 easy miles on the schedule, and he had 8. We figured we would stick together for the 7 and then he could continue on (running loops around the rec center or something) to get to 8. We headed out, kind of winging a route, as we had not run from that location before. Charlie hit 7 about 0.15 miles before me (we are guessing maybe my watch was not completely synced up when we started or something?) but of course, I needed to keep going to get to 7. So according to my watch we did 7 at an 8:30 average, which is a bit too fast.

8:25 am
I arrived at work then, and went to my desk and filled up my coffee cup and spent some time chatting with some folks prior to heading into the locker room to take a shower. After my shower, I settled into my desk to get some work done, and of course, kept email open because that is how I get updates on Addison throughout the day. Yesterday morning she got to play with one of those awesome parachutes!
I am a little jealous. You gotta love those!

10 am
I was scheduled for my weekly accounting meeting at this time. I went into the conference room that we had booked, but naturally, no one showed up. I was already kind of in a lousy mood, and this definitely added to that. Basically, Zak and I went to the meeting, but neither Rick nor Will showed up. I gave Zak the update that I had, but then after 10 minutes, we went back to our desks and got back to work.

11:30 am
Rick asked me if I wanted to go have lunch, I told him no, I had too much to get through, and I had packed. Plus, in reality, I was not feeling super social because I was having a bad day, so I just stuck to my desk chair. Addie was busy sorting shapes at school.
The work day continued, I was in and out of a few meetings and tried to knock out a few important things that had come up, but overall, I was just angry for the majority of the day (not wanting to discuss this anger yet).

4:53 pm
I packed up my laptop and headed to the car. I was needing to go and fetch my Roo. I was tired and sad, and not feeling good at all (physically fine, emotionally burned out), so I gave up on the day. I got to daycare and Addie's class had just gone outside, and apparently they got some new toys that she wanted to try out BADLY.
She cried when I pulled her off of that thing.

We drove home, I made dinner (BBQ chicken pizza) and J arrived at home right as I was getting dinner out of the oven. At 6:20, we sat down at the table and ate.

7:45 pm
I took Addie up to bed. We brushed teeth, sat on the potty, got into our PJs, and read a story before watching a video from her dance recital and then laying down. I came downstairs, did sushi wars, and then settled onto the couch with J for Cutthroat kitchen. We went up to bed around 9 pm and were out by 9:30.

So yeah, we are pretty boring, even on weekends, but that is a-ok with us.


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