Training Recap: Week of January 25

Another week of long mileage is in the books. I mean, no, this is not like the mileage that I hope to hit in my fall marathon cycle (fingers crossed that there is a fall marathon cycle for me!), but for being like 12 weeks out from a half marathon, I am kicking ass and taking names.
First up, I got to do lots more OUTSIDE running this week, which I am THRILLED about. The weather was better enough to run outside throughout the week even though a few days were cold. But Saturday was on the TM as usual, making it work. I have to make sure to do outdoor running frequently, even though it is winter. It is important.

So let's look at the week.

Monday: 7 miles with strides. 7.59 total.
Tuesday: 1 hour run, convo pace. 7.33 miles
Wednesday: 50 minutes elliptical, strength
Thursday: track workout. 4x1 mile right into a 50 m all out, with 1 minute recovery. 9.21 total miles
Friday: 6 miles, easy pace with Charlie
Saturday: 7 miles.
Sunday: 7 miles.

44.45 miles run.
1 strength session.
1 xt session.

So, I think this is basically an "I nailed it" week? At least, that is how I feel right now. I am not sure how I have pulled off a switch so solidly in my head from "I am not sure my head is in to running" to "must run all the miles!" but it has happened.

Here's to another week!


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