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So because I am working on checking a few items off of my goals for the year listing, I am really working to make sure that I am trying new stuff all of time. As you may remember, I am working to try and cook 12 new recipes in 2016, and already last week (first week of February) I tackled another.

Last Thursday I made a new recipe that I had pulled off the internet when I found it looking for different chicken recipes on the Cooking Light website.

I made this recipe with no modifications. I just used Busch Light beer because we have lots in the fridge, and we don't really drink it. At all. So I figured it would probably be the best choice even if it was not as flavorful as some beers I could have chosen.

I got the chicken cooking first in a pan.
The pieces were a bit thick, so I got them browned up and then put them in the oven on a pizza pan, figuring that way I  could ensure that they were cooked through. While the chicken was cooking, I got all of my sauce ingredients set up.
I used liquid aminos instead of soy sauce, but that is what I always do.

I reduced the sauce while the chicken was cooking through in the oven, and then was able to get the chicken into the pan while I worked on a few side dishes.
When  you have a two year old, you sometimes make concessions in your vegetable selections and cross your fingers that you have a better shot the next day (as you serve a starchy vegetable and a starch as side dishes - bread and mashed potatoes).
Regardless, this meal turned out  awesome, and I am super pumped to make it again. Even Addie liked the chicken! Given a little bit more prep time (meaning - I hope I get home from work a smidge earlier next time) I think I would like to roast some brussels sprouts to go with this.

Let me know if you try this recipe!


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