Race Recap: Nuun Year Dash 2016

My first "race" of 2016 was on Monday. It was a virtual race, the Nuun Year Dash, and I found out about it through Nuun Hydrations social media channels, as well as through FitFam, who some of my Oiselle teammates have been trying to get me to join for quite a while. (Ok, everyone, I have signed up).
I signed up for the 10K, knowing I would have a weekday in the time range where I could just run 6 miles, or a long run where I could call my "middle 6" the race. As mentioned previously, this week ended up falling into my down week, so I used my 6 miles on Monday to extend slightly into 6.2 and that was my virtual race.

It was pretty cold out, but I was trying to make sure that I got chances to run outside since I knew we were expecting snow later, and I hate trying to fight the slipping and sliding that comes along with a snow day.
So I headed out. Because I am not racing officially (I don't really count virtual races, it was more of a training run), I knew I was going to need to take it fairly easy. Last week was a pretty rough one on my legs as far as mileage went and paces. I pretty much ran easy 0% of the time. I don't count the long run as easy for a few reasons.
1. Its a long run. Those are always hard.
2. I ran THIS even 15s per mile faster than my easy run pace.

Here was my route. I ran the 6.2 miles in 8:14 average, which again, I am happy with considering all of the things that I have going on.
Nailed it!

Speaking of nailed it, results were posted yesterday. I was a big winner.
I interpret this as "the most average of all averages and people that are average." BOOM. :)

Have you run a virtual race?


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