President's Day - + a track workout.

Monday was an interesting day this week. It was President's Day, and Addie's school was closed because it was a teacher in service. It being February, it is not a great time of year for me to not be working, and so J and I made some arrangements for his mom to watch Addie for the day. She works for a bank, and since it was a bank holiday, it worked out!

So Sunday afternoon, after giving J his Valentine gift (Addie and I got him a growler - filled of course, and a tee shirt from the brewery, plus cards), after Addie took her nap, we headed over to J's mom's house. The snow had started to fall, and the roads were already starting to get rough. Lucky for me, J was driving, so I did not have to worry. I was more anxious when Addie was with us than when she wasn't, and after we dropped her off, admittedly, I just played on facebook and instagram to not have to pay attention to the roads.


Because I did not have to take Addie to daycare on Monday, I was able to get up at my usual time, get ready, and drive to Blue Ash. The snow had stopped around 7 pm the night before, so roads were good. Because I did not have a two year old to wake up, get ready, and drop off at daycare. So I was at the gym by 6:30. Nailed it.

I was on the treadmill and then in my office before 8 am with an almost 9 mile run under my belt. That was a great way to start the day. On top of that, I had a pretty solid day at work when I was able to knock out a few big things that I had been struggling to get through for a little while. I am happy to be still moving forward though. It was nice to just have to worry about myself, which is something that I have not had for a long time.

FYI - I had a rough track workout today. It went well. It was successful. But it was hard. It is always hard to run fast and get uncomfortable, but I am working harder to find comfort in discomfort. Make sense?

Also, I took my new kit out of the track (but it was 19* so it was all covered up with wazzie wool and a pullover.) I LOVE IT.


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