Olympic Trials Marathon

Saturday was the Olympic Trials marathon. As a runner, especially as a runner who has been following Kara Goucher's career every since getting the book "Running for Women" rather aimlessly at the beginning of her own running career, this is one of the biggest sporting events in my world.


And now that I am teammates with Kara, I love her even more.

In my head, I kind of thought the best team going in for the women was going to be the 2012 team again. I had discussed it with my local running buddies - Karen and Charlie, and I even spoke to J about it. He liked Kara and Shalene, and on the mens side he liked Meb & Rupp. On the men's side I liked Meb and Dathan Ritz, but I really was not sure beyond that where things were going...

I finished up my run shortly after the men took off. I had it recording on the DVR, so I was kind of excited knowing that I could skip the early commercials because I was ready to get running.

I went along with my team for #singletsaturday and donned the singlet for my run and kept it on for the race.
To be clear, this is the old version of the singlet, it was just the first one that I found when looking because it was hanging up downstairs.

I watched the whole trials, the whole television experience. I think I caught up to the actual television about 45 minutes in to the race. I just loved loved loved watching it.

Obviously, I love Kara, and I was heartbroken with her 4th place finish. But I do think we have a good team set up to go to the Olympics. I know that a lot of people were feeling the same way about Hasty Hastings four years ago as I feel about Kara right now. I get it. But I am so happy for everyone who ran the race, and especially Kara for proving that she has still got it.

Did you watch the trials?


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