Last week on the track

So because I love talking about times when I get to run fast (for me, speed is definitely a relative thing), I want to look at last week's track workout in more detail. I was (for once) confident in my abilities to run the splits that I had scheduled. They were not that overwhelming, and I love hitting the track, even if I am just running slowly and have chosen to go there because it is nice and flat and has a good surface.

So let's look at the prescribed workout first.
1 mile warm up.
2x2 miles in 15:40, 45s walking recovery
4x400m at 1:42, 1:38, 1:42, and 1:36, 45s walk recovery
1 mile cool down.

So running at 15:40 for 2 is not overly fast for me, it is a solid tempo pace, running marathon goal pace. So I felt ok going into my first 2 mile interval. So let's just take a quick view of the results.

Warm up: 8:35
2 miles: 15:01
2 miles: 15:07
4x400: 1:38, 1:35, 1:39, 1:33
Cool down: 8:22

So I ran 7.4 miles in right around 58 minutes. I did generally stick to the walking plan. When my watch beeped I immediately slowed to a jog, and then when I had about 5 of the 45 seconds left, I would start jogging again to get my legs moving a little bit before the actual interval started. And that teeny jog helped to get my legs moving and rolling right into the proper pace quickly, which was what I wanted to be able to do.

Clearly, I ran this a little hot. I am not sure why EVERYTHING is so hot these days. i want to be able to settle into my appropriate paces, because I don't want to overdo things especially with adding on another day of running this training cycle. But I am working hard and trying to take my recovery/easy days seriously. Hopefully they take care of everything else.

Did you run a track workout last week?


  1. Good times, Emily! I'm heading back to the track for the first time in ages. Yikes.


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