January Goal Review

Somehow it is already the second of February. I am not sure how we have already gotten through the first month of 2016, but it has happened. As a result, I want to take a quick peek at my 2016 goals and see how things are coming along.

1. Run the year.
I am at 184.24 miles through January. To be clear on this, 2015 was a pretty good mileage year for me, and my highest mileage month was 177 in September (marathon training). I need to average 168 miles per month to hit this. Fingers crossed that the momentum continues.

2. Travel to someplace new.
Not yet, obviously, unless you count a new local brewery that we visited?

3. Read 52 books
I read 4 books in January, and started the 5th. I picked a long one for number 5 (the third book in the Game of Thrones series) so I am aware of the fact that I am slowing down the momentum on this for the moment. But you can't simply fly through 100 page books all the time.

4. Write 200 blog posts. 
I wrote 22 posts in January, which puts me at 179 to go? I need to average 17 posts per month to meet my goal, so I would say this one is checked off.

5. Take Addison to Bronners
Nope, but have discussed with my sister.

6. Work on the development of the team at work
So far, I am working on stepping out of my comfort zone and spending more time with folks when they have questions and really going through things on them and trying to make sure that I am being available. I think that is the biggest goal.

7. Do one thing for myself EVERY DAY
So far: check.

8. Cook 12 new recipes.
I made that macaroni and cheese earlier this month. Twas delicious and I was able to have lunch for days!

9. Show my coworkers and team more of "Runner Emily"
Obviously, no real way definitions around that, but I am working on it. And I am doing ok and keeping my head up and smiling. It is a start?

10. Figure out certifications
Progress. I have made progress. More to come.

Do you have goals for 2016? How is it going?


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