I am focused on SAVING

As I mentioned one day last week (I cannot remember what day, I think it was Wednesday?) I am coming up with a list of things that I am working to save my money for. One of my unmentioned goals of the year is to be better about spending. Be more deliberate when I spend money, and really work for what I want. I mean, it is not as though I am hurting for money, but it cannot hurt to work harder and try more to spend appropriately, right?

There are reasons for this, of course, to model good things to Addie is the most important. To help to show her that we work hard and save our money in order to get the things we want. I am tempted to start the "allowance" process with her already, even at two. Does anyone have experience with that, by the way? Thoughts or suggestions?

So here is my "saving" list for the year.

1. This is the highest thing on the list as of now. It is a biggie, but an important one. Build my personal savings account up to $3000. Now, that does not seem like a ton, but I really want to get there. And I am more than willing to really really take my time and do this. However long it takes while still allowing myself to purchase these OTHER items around it.

2. Aero tights. I have been lusting after these since they were released in the fall. My runlove partner as well as one of my Ragnar teammates both seem to LOVE them.
I want this color too.

3. Stride shorts mini - printed. I have not seen the printed ones released on the Oiselle website yet, but I have seen a picture on facebook from a few different of the elite teammates. But here are the non-print shorts.
4. My NASM personal training study materials. I mentioned in my goals post that I had made progress, and I have decided that this is where I am going to start with all of my certifications. But the materials and exam are not super cheap, so I am saving.

5. More Oiselle. The holepunch lux sweatshirt specifically. I saw this on Lauren Fleshman on twitter and immediately thought... I MUST HAVE THAT.
This might be the first thing I purchase because I know ALL of my teammates want this, and I do NOT want to miss out. The fit of this one is a little different, so I am struggling to decide what size I need to purchase. I have been following any and all posts on this on our team facebook page, because I think a lot of ladies are feeling similarly.

6. A tablet for Addison. I just think this is a good idea for car rides and dinners out. With input from Karen (who purchased one for her three year old son for Christmas) I am leaning toward the Kindle fire. This may be a bday gift for her.


  1. What a great idea! I love the idea of being a little more intentional with "fun money" spending. I do have the say that the aero tights are one of the few full priced Oiselle items I have let myself by lately and I DO NOT regret it. I love them! The only problem is now I want the black ones too...

    1. Marilyn, it is TOTALLY your fault (plus my run love partner Kristen's fault) that I MUST HAVE these tights. You two posting pictures of you wearing them? NEED.


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