Friday Five XVII

Friday friday friday! Tonight starts the weekend!
1. Like I said yesterday, I went back to therapy this week. I am pretty pleased with myself for getting back to Amy and trying to continue to make progress on this puzzle that is ME...  I know that handling all of that is going to really continue to help me to make myself a priority, And I am going to continue to work on it. I am really going to get back in the habit of my multiple day check ins and working through what I have learned from her over the last year and a half. I often make progress and then fall apart, so this time will be different. Don't we all say that EVERY time?

2. Last weekend, I took J to Indianapolis for his birthday. We hit a few breweries, drank some beers, went to a restaurant that we had never been to, and I reminded myself that I want to run that marathon again. I think that J had a good birthday.

3. Addison was insistent for WEEKS that she wanted to get J "pancakes" for his birthday. So after asking her several time when we were out shopping, I just went with it.
New nonstick skillets. Maple syrup. Yummy pancake mix. and a nice new spatula. Nailed it.

4. I plan to get our taxes filed this weekend. I know that getting a refund means that I have given the government an interest free loan, but at the same time, I am always glad if we get a good amount of money back. It just feels good.

5. I am so ready to look back at the progress I made in February on my annual goals. I am just feeling STRONG right now, which makes me feel awesome. I think I should be able to get that post up and running mid next week? I have high hopes.


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