Friday Five XVI

Yahoo! Friday Five time!
1. I have had a solid week of training again where I managed to get back on the core work train. Thank goodness. I was missing doing it, and I needed to really get back to the point where I am doing that consistently. I (as of this morning) have done core twice this week, and am planning on doing it again tonight.

2. I am buried in podcasts. I keep finding new ones, which I am loving. Thank goodness. It is all I am listening too during runs these days.

3. Next week (Tuesday) is Addison's first ever dance recital. It is just an "enrichment" activity at her school, but she loves it and I am looking forward to seeing her. She likes to practice at home, and she dances to everything.

4. I had some stuff done to my car yesterday. While it may be a little silly, it made me feel great to do that. Self sufficient. Independent. Etc. So I am super pleased with all of it.

5. Today is my office best friend/office training partner's last day at work. I am super sad that he is leaving (we are likely out for our last office run when this post goes live), but I know it is what is best for him.


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