Friday Five XV

The 15th straight week of posting a Friday Five? What?!?
But that has given me something to really work on and keep track of. 15 weeks!

1. I got my new planner this week. I ordered the Plum Family Planner from Plum Paper based on some recommendations from Karen. I ordered it to start in March knowing that it was going to be into February by the time I received it. And I already LOVE it and have been filling it in.
(FYI - I am not at all affiliated with Plum Paper, I just love this planner and purchased it myself!)

2. I purchased the first thing on my "list" when it went on sale over the weekend. The Aero tights in deep sea. I felt like when they went on sale, it was a SIGN. So I bought them immediately. If I love them, I may need to consider the red ones.

3. We have been doing awesome with meal planning at our house. In general, we are eating out once per week, which is fine where we are. I am VERY happy with that, and very happy that it has helped with grocery shopping, etc. So, I really want to keep this up!

4. I have had a week where I feel like I have accomplished a lot in and around the office. There is a lot of things that we have going on, and I am very happy to have been able to make a lot of progress around what I need to work through. I am hoping to continue to work through all of my work requirements as I know that we are going to continue to fall down the rabbit hole with overwhelming amounts of things to do. Also - I want to express how grateful I am to work with awesome people.

5. I think we turned a corner with potty training. We are not there yet, but she has been telling me "I peed!" right after going and then sitting on the potty. I feel like this is what happens first? Any moms out there? Can you tell me?


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